How can you use data validation in Excel to classify costs?

Summary of the different classifications introduced in the preceding sections:

In the following videos I will start the main case on which we will work in this chapter. Before watching the videos, download this Excel file.

The company produces and sells two kinds of cocktails, Mojitos and Cosmos, and is organized in two departments producing cocktails (one for Mojitos and one for Cosmos) and two departments supporting the productive departments (and thus necessary for production): Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT). The headquarters offices gather both the administration and the sales people.

In all the exercises, assume that the cost objects are the products, Mojitos and Cosmos. The Cosmos product line is recent: it has been introduced in the focal period.

Preparation work before classification using data validation:

Cost recognition and classification using data validation:

Using pivot tables and conditional formating to take advantage of your cost classification: